Choosing The Right Marijuana Seeds For Your Cannabis Farm

The cannabis facts about the medical uses of marijuana have led to the legalization of the drug in as many as 18 states in the country. If you are in one of these states, you can take the necessary permits and licenses to start a medical marijuana farm. To start with, you can choose the right marijuana seeds for your farm.

The Different Varieties of Marijuana Seeds

Before you start your marijuana farm, you need to familiarize yourself with some basic cannabis facts. Though generally known as cannabis, there are three different species of cannabis plants: Cannabis Indica, Cannabis Sativa, Cannabis Ruderalis and Cannabis Afghanica. These species grow to different sizes and the concentration of the psychoactive component (THC) in them varies.

The marijuana seeds that you are going to purchase will be a crossbreed or hybrid variety of these marijuana species. Such marijuana varieties grow to the ideal length with good concentration of THC and very short harvesting periods. Many hybrid varieties available can grow in any type of soil and are pest-resistant.

Feminized Marijuana Seeds

In the wild, the sexes of the marijuana plants are unpredictable and depend on various factors. For the most productive pollination and harvesting, you can use feminized marijuana seeds. These genetically designed marijuana seeds will take the same gender as their parent.

Jack Herer Marijuana Seeds

This very popular marijuana seed is a hybrid variety from the Cannabis Sativa and the Cannabis Indica marijuana species, with Cannabis Sativa as the dominant strain.

White Widow Marijuana

The White Widow marijuana is a marijuana variety derived from the Cannabis Indica species. Its trichomes are characteristically white in color with snow-like crystals and hence the name White Widow.

Auto-flowering Marijuana Strains

The specially designed hybrid variety called auto-flowering marijuana requires very less photoperiod. This makes this marijuana variety ideal for indoor cultivation. The most commonly used auto-flowering marijuana seed is the Lowryder marijuana.

Afghan marijuana varieties

Certain marijuana varieties found in the Afghan region are famous for their characteristic fruity flavor. These are mostly derived from the Cannabis Indica varieties.

There are plenty of other marijuana varieties available in the market with new hybrid pest-resistant varieties developed that have shorter harvest cycles and photoperiods. You have to choose one considering the quality of the soil in your region, the PH level of the water, your choice of indoor or outdoor cultivation, etc.

Contradicting Facts About Marijuana Effects

California became the first state in the United States to allow marijuana use for its residents, and after the prolonged debate on the issue, many other states in the country are also lining up for legalizing marijuana.

Identifying the medical benefits of cannabis, more than 18 states in the country and the District of Columbia, have already allowed pot use under their jurisdictions. Though the control measures on pot use and possession vary in different states, marijuana activists believe that decriminalizing pot is the right step to reduce drug-related crimes in the country.

Marijuana was initially prescribed to patients suffering from AIDS and cancer; however, today the drug is becoming popular for many diseases where the alternative medications fail to provide ample relief. Studies show that marijuana helps to reduce nausea and increases hunger in AIDS and cancer patients, allowing them to eat healthy food that increases their quality of life. Marijuana is also considered to have painkilling attributes that benefit the patients suffering from arthritis, multiple sclerosis, and migraine.

Researchers have discovered that the main component of marijuana, Tetrahydrocannabinol, has positive effects on anxiety and social pain. It also lowers the blood sugar levels in glaucoma patients and reduces the risks of seizures associated with epilepsy. However, studies have also proved that marijuana is an addictive substance, and has harmful effects on brain functions. Though marijuana use relieves the situations of many severe conditions, it does not cure any of the diseases. Prolonged use of marijuana may lead to depression, euphoria, unusual changes in mood, and poor decision-making.

Studies have shown that marijuana gives the same amount of pain relief as observed with use of any over the counter medications. Furthermore, the level of pain relief attained with cannabis for those patients dealing with acute pain was found to be minimal when compared to codeine. Reports also say that there are many medicines, which include natural ingredients to provide sufficient pain relief and treat nausea

Though there are many medical benefits of cannabis, these incidents may result in drug abuse. Researchers are continuing in their efforts to conclude whether marijuana is safe enough to be made legal, or it should remain illegal as many alternative medicines work out to the same level.

Using natural remedies like ginger, which helps to suppress nausea, and Garcinia Cambogia, which enhances metabolism rate and stimulates appetite is far better than using marijuana.